Information Technology, Management, Multimedia, Web/Online Services

Carlton Exchange Debt & Equity Investment Marketplace

This project was to architect, design, develop, and program the new “Carlton Exchange”, an innovative online debt and equity marketplace. Along with the development of the exchange, the project also included updates and changes to the Carlton Group company website.

My role in this project was to collaborate with Carlton Group’s CTO on architecting, designing, developing, and programming a new online marketplace for large scale debt and equity exchanges that to date has facilitated billions of dollars worth of transactions. In addition to developing Carlton’s exchange, the project also included updating and adding features to the Carlton Group’s company website including Flash video and interactive dynamic Flash Banners.

The technologies used were HTML, CSS, Javascript, .NET, C#, XML, SQL, Flash Video, Flash design and development, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Photoshop.

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