Information Technology, Management, Web/Online Services

The Floating Hospital Website

This project was to provide ongoing design, development, programming, and technology consultation regarding The Floating Hospital’s website and integrated marketing and promotional goals.

My role in this project was to provide ongoing development and programming services making changes, updates, performing maintenance, etc. During the discovery phase of this project we concluded that the site was in fact “hacked” and was being constantly attacked. My first responsibility was to assess the damage and to provide direction concerning an immediate resolution to the problem, as well as provide plans for long term solutions. We immediately moved the website to a new up-to-date server, setup regular virus scanning and firewall protection, implemented secure socket layer (SSL) protection, and setup a development environment for testing. Once we successfully secured their website from attack, fixed the damage the hacking had done to the site, we then proceeded into our role of making requested changes and updates, as well as started assessing and implementing plans to completely update their wordpress site.

Technologies involved in this project are: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, WordPress, VPS, Domain Name Management, SSL, Apache, Sucuri, Mailchimp, Donately, Google Analytics, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

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