Graphic Design, Information Technology, Management, Web/Online Services

Pianist Joyce Yang’s Website

This project involved the rescuing of Joyce’s website after it was attacked, corrupted, and defaced by hackers. Once all issues were resolved we moved on to the design and development of new layouts, sections, portions, features, and promotions for the website.

My role in this project was to resolve all malicious coding and virus issues with the website, restoring the site’s defacement and layout issues, and to resolve any security issues and vulnerabilities to the site and the content management system. MY role then was to set up a new internet technologies environment for the new version of the site to be “housed” upon including implementing a new firewall and virus scanning environment to continually monitor and protect the website.

Once the website was restored and the security issues were resolved, my role then evolved to include ongoing site maintenance, design, updates and changes to the website. This involved custom changes and updates to the content management system (ie. Drupal) which allows Joyce’s marketing team to promote and make updates to her website on a regular basis.

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