About me

Greetings and Salutations


I have spent the last 20 years creating a vast expanse of knowledge and experience  in the area of marketing, with a dominant focus upon web and online marketing.

This journey has been quite rich, productive, and rewarding to me. I do have a love for the area of marketing and the process of helping connect people with brands, products and services that they are looking for and need in their businesses or their personal lives.

You can review my resume, my list of clientele, or my wheelhouse information for all of the specific details. In summary, you will find that I have had, and have taken the great opportunities afforded me over the span of my career to work with a lot of household names, and other great companies from Fortune 50 to small personally owned businesses. Also enjoyed working directly with some of the largest Advertising and Interactive agencies in the world. And even working and volunteering time and effort in supporting global charities and organizations focused upon assisting and meeting the different needs of others.

My exposure across my career and across many industries has involved me in projects from design and architecture to large scale industry applications and networks. And the creation, production, integrations and deployments of dynamic and interactive products and campaigns covering almost everything else in between.

A Turning Point

In 2017 and 2018, as a culmination of several things in my life, some of which were a part of my life longer than I had personally realized, my life took a very drastic turn. Nearing the end of 2017, some life choices and some unexpected health issues landed me in the Emergency Room. I remember checking in, then a flurry of nurses and activity and passing out that was my last memory of the end of 2017.

I awoke, thankfully, four days later in January of 2018. Upon waking, I found myself in a hospital bed and discovered that I had been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and had almost died. And they were unsure of me lasting the next week or two. Nothing can truly describe that moment of time for me.

I will share more specific details as I unpack my story in and through other endeavors that I am actively engaged in with a sincere and genuine desire to communicate, relate, and share how I survived, still alive, and have mounted an almost complete regenerative recovery against all prognosis and expectations.

The Transition

This is where my life combined with my extensively developed marketing career has now begun a new life cycle and transition. Which is why you will find an even more dynamic and growing range of participation and experience pushing into the areas of holistic and natural health, personal growth and development, and possibly a few other transient areas as I adventure and explore this new world of mine. And hopefully convey, share, communicate and support others in protecting and caring for the things that matter most in this life. And hopefully creating and developing together healthy life balance.

Death has a unique way of challenging and changing one’s entire perspective, one’s view, and one’s outlook upon this short span of life we are graciously given.

Today, in particular, my journey is moving into the natural and holistic health arenas. And I have been deeply engaging in ongoing research and study surrounding my health journey, biology, physiology, nutrition, integrated and functional medicine, as well as several other areas of interest. Some of these areas of course continue to include my curious passions for technology, business, and finance. These include, of course, the future of blockchain and quantum technologies, and the revolutions of distributed ledger technology and crypto currency, tokenization and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), as well as other exciting technologies, opportunities, assets and investments.

On the more creative and expressive side of life, after the strange and off putting but extremely rewarding process of recreating and building my life back after losing just about everything, We have embraced and have been actively repositioning our self spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically for the future that lies ahead. With an intent focus upon the more valuable and important aspects of life and love. Some of those efforts have brought me back to some of my roots and the enjoyment found in delving into writing and art again. In particular, beyond attempting to solidify my survival experience in some form of readable and helpful context, oil painting with brush and palette knives, at this time.

Currently, I still reside in Pennsylvania, and am of the heart and mind that situation is open and subject to change at any moment. Lol. And am looking forward to years of travel, exploration, growth, relationships, and adventure.

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