Highly motivated, creative and hands-on professional with years of experience and a passion for team development in leading the innovation, design, development of creative marketing and technology strategies, products, and services. And improving processes and procedures to drive revenue, efficiency, and market share.

Visionary, change agent, and problem solver adept in grasping and communicating top-level business objectives as they translate into concepts, design, development, and implementation of creative and interactive solutions to exceed client needs and goals.


An experienced high-capacity leader who has successfully performed many roles in his field, providing a highly effective depth of knowledge and understanding at each level of the marketing team and it’s functions. Some of those roles include (but are not limited to): Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Director of Marketing, Creative Director, Web Director, Technology Director, Project Manager, Architect, Designer, Developer, Programmer, Animator, A/V Editor, and more.


Well versed in producing market driven creative and technology strategies, products, and services in both the Business to Business (B2B) and the Business to Consumer (B2C) marketplaces.

Proven ability to listen, learn, and understand each client’s specific product and/or service, the industry, and the challenges they face. Effective at interpreting and translating those needs into industry specific creative and technology driven solutions to meet the client’s expressed business needs and goals. Industry experience includes (but not limited to): Consumer, Retail, Ecommerce, Finance, Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Crowdfunding, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Medical, Health & Wellness, Sports, Education, Energy, Military/Government, Architecture, Hospitality, Publishing, Advertising, and Charity/Non-Profit/Cause.

Roles: The Impact and Results

American Express Email Marketing and Generation AMERICAN EXPRESS
Marketing Consultant
2019 – Present

Rutgers University Cause Marketing RUTGERS UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION
Cause Marketing Consultant
Marketing Consultant
2018 – Present

John Edward Trail Marketing Consultant Freelancer Contractor JOHN EDWARD TRAIL
Business Development, Marketing, Creative and Technology Consultant
2018 – Present

Digatherm Field Email Social Marketing DIGATHERM, LLC
Director of Creative, Marketing, and Technologies
2015 – 2019

Directly responsible for the overall strategy and direction of all branding and creative efforts, lead generation and marketing, lead nurturing, channel and field marketing, event marketing, online brand and marketing efforts, content marketing, social media engagement and marketing, email marketing and drip marketing, internal and external properties, technology and platforms, as well as marketing team development, sales and marketing communications, marketing vendor relationships, distributor relationships, and partnership/co-sponsor marketing relations.

Defining and meeting our goals of smarter and better targeted marketing efforts. Establish and maintain consistency of brand, image, and message across all marketing materials, events, advertising, sales materials, distributor materials, customer service materials, training and support materials, online properties and initiatives, social media properties and initiatives, and all other marketing, advertising and promotional efforts. Tighten up and strengthen all systems, efforts, materials, and initiatives currently in place and in motion throughout the company. Expand our targeted marketing efforts to drive stronger brand recognition, stronger customer relationships, stronger sales channel and field marketing efforts and relationships, stronger distributor relationships, and expand recognition efforts to target the end clients, in addition to our direct customers.


  • In business for 4+ years
  • Generated steady goal breaking growth – in 2018 we averaged approx. 25-30% growth over 2017. We recently hit 40% of last year’s total sales within the first 2.5 months of 2019
  • Assembled a talented and cohesive marketing team
  • Developed a network of strategic business partnerships
  • Developed a network of strategic partnerships
  • Put together an extensive and diverse portfolio of work

Trail Associates Creative Marketing Development TRAIL ASSOCIATES
Business Owner/Entrepreneur
2006 – 2017

Responsible for the direction, growth, and success of Trail Associates. Including the directing of all business development, developing a cohesive team of creative and technology professionals, and a network of strategic partnerships. Delivering top quality creative and interactive products and services across a diverse and growing list of industries and clients.

Trail Associates was closed after becoming deathly sick and hospitalized. For an extended period of time in 2017/2018 still hospitalized and with extremely dire prognosis and almost no expectation of recovery.

Business Results:

  • In business for more than 10 years
  • Generated solid and steady business growth
  • Assembled a cohesive team of skilled professionals
  • Developed a network of strategic partnerships
  • Created an extensive and diverse portfolio of work
  • Had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clientele across multiple industries

Project Results:

  • Successfully created the next generation University news site and content management system for Stevens Institute of Technology. The site and CMS became the foundation for all five of their Universities and all secondary and support websites for the school and school organizations./li>
  • Developed long-standing ongoing working relationship with The Carlton Group, an international real estate investment bank that specializes in equity and debt placement, commercial loan restructuring, and commercial and residential loan sales. Amongst the many projects we worked on together, we developed a couple of exciting new platforms; the development of The Carlton Exchange, a robust online international marketplace to facilitate international debt and equity investment advisory, transactions, and deal execution. And more recently, Carlton Crowd Fund, an online real estate investment and finance crowd funding platform.
  • Successfully developed the templates and framework for a large corporate online communication and collaboration system for IBM/Lilly. The project was a huge success upon launch with over 73,000 registrants and 31,000 posts recorded from around the world within the first 72 hours.
  • Created a new online fundraising platform from concept to deployment for a brand-new startup. Within the first year of being in business, the platform had grown exponentially and boasted a total of over 200,000 unique registered users. Also provided all company branding, websites, email marketing, printed marketing, and trade show graphics. And directed all information technology infrastructure for the platform and company.
  • Designed, developed, and integrated a variety of custom HTML email marketing pieces and ongoing campaigns for a wide range of clientele. Companies included (but not limited to): Letgo, USA Today, Verizon, Verizon Foundation, UPS, CapitalOne, UnitedLex, Quantcast, SlimFast, British Footwear Association, Channel One, Pearson Benefits, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly, Bayer, Merck, and others.

Center for Regenerative Design & Collaboration THE CENTER FOR REGENERATIVE DESIGN & COLLABORATION
Consultant – Digital Marketing and Information Technologies
2015 – 2019

Providing professional consultation and establishing the company’s marketing and technology strategy. Collaborating and working with the Executive Management team to supporting the efforts to obtain venture capital to continue development of established waste plastic recycling and repurposing processes, and new innovative building material and products from repurposed waste plastics.

Business Results:

  • CRDC in collaboration with PEDREGAL, a South American regional leader in the construction materials industry, has successfully created a lightweight, high-quality mixed polymer concrete aggregate or PRA that utilises “dirty” or unmanaged plastic from the waste stream. This can be recovered from industrial, commercial, domestic and environmental sources.
  • 2016 Beverage World Sustainability Award
  • REAP business model was a People Choice Finalist in the 2016 Circularity Awards at the World Economic Forum

Chief Technology Officer
2014 – 2016

Responsible for establishing this innovative start up company’s creative and technology strategy and direction. Lead all aspects of the platform development along with the creative and marketing efforts. Collaborating and working with the Executive Management team to drive the company’s strategic direction and development for future growth. Created a brand new and exciting technology driven crowdfunding platform solution for the real estate and mortgage industries.

Pinsonault Associates Online Marketing PINSONAULT ASSOCIATES
Web Director and Information Technology Director
1999 – 2006

Responsible for directing the conceptualization, design, development, and implementation of all online/web-based projects, including websites, web portals, web applications, online learning applications, enterprise applications, email marketing, online marketing, ecommerce, intranets, extranets, database applications, statistics, and usage tracking.

Responsible for all aspects of the company’s Information Technology and Infrastructure. Including capacity planning, design, development, expansion, maintenance, upgrades, compliance audits, security, real time server backups, tape backups, multiple server environments, connected collocated server environments, disaster recovery, internet technologies, software, licensing, hardware, service providers, acquisitions, vendor relationships, internal networking, external network access (VPN), servers, user laptops, user workstations, telephony, voicemail systems, security systems, alarm systems and all other electronic devices and peripherals.

Directly responsible for the design and development of server environments that meet and exceed the stringent technical specifications of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These environments were built to house and deliver client’s custom-built online portals, intranets, web sites, learning applications, and other enterprise applications.
Responsible for providing direction and management of multiple multi-functional teams in the conceptualization, design, development, customization, implementation, and maintenance of “Today’s Accounts”, a customizable online sales and marketing enterprise application for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.

Successfully worked at the intersection of the company’s business and technology needs. Responsible for all Trade Show booth management, acquisitions, storage, shipment and setup. Coordinated and planned with company Executives and construction crews concerning spacing and cooling needs for new server rooms, as well as other necessary considerations for the multimedia department and the company’s technology infrastructure for the new expansion and changes to the headquarters building. Hired, coordinated, and managed the wiring of the entire building from scratch to meet the company’s new and expanded telephony and networking needs. Successfully orchestrated the move of all company technology and departmental assets from the temporary office location into the newly expanded headquarters building. Successfully implemented company-wide recycling policies and procedures for all office paper and other recyclables. Performed need assessment, technology inquiries, and cost assessments to bring all company bulk mailing processing for the company’s symposiums “in-house” rather than using a third-party provider thereby significantly reducing overall operating expenses. Performed need assessments and cost analysis for all technology service providers, re-negotiated service contracts, and in some cases migrated the company to alternate service providers to best suited solutions, increasing value to the company and reducing overall operating costs in those areas.


  • Successfully hired, trained, motivated, directed, and managed several multi-disciplined teams in the creation and implementation of websites, web applications, interactive multimedia (online and offline), intranet portals, extranet portals, ecommerce, and online learning systems.
  • Effectively coordinated with all project stakeholders (internally and externally) across the different departments to develop project and product strategy.
  • Successfully conducted need analysis, acquired, and managed all company technology resources.
  • Successfully conducted audits and implemented company technology plans, policies and procedures.
  • Regularly traveled and met with clients to assist in sales, conduct application and technology discovery sessions (preliminary, in-depth, post, and support), as well as troubleshooting and problem resolution when needed.
  • Created, implemented, and directed the use of ecommerce, website conversion tracking, and email marketing initiatives to increase the company’s overall online traffic, sales conversions, and online registrations by over 300% in the first year.
  • Created and successfully implemented a company-wide intranet Data Management System. This system combined all company data collection sources from across all departments into a single integrated online management system. Directly responsible for the project from need assessment, concept, hiring, development, infrastructure, and implementation. The System became an integral part of the company’s overall business processes and functions; directly increasing the company’s efficiency, effective data management, and equipping the company for future growth.
  • Directed the transformation and evolution of the aforementioned data management system into a new robust enterprise level data driven Online Sales and Marketing platform for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. The development and implementation of the new online product doubled the company’s annual revenue within the first year, and became one of the company’s top producing signature offerings – retailing at $750,000 to $1,000,000+ per installation.
  • Architected, directed, and managed the expansion of the entire company network infrastructure consisting of approximately (3) servers located onsite at the company’s single location to an extensive environment consisting of over (30) servers making up (5) separate environments across (3) locations. The strategy focused upon improving efficiency and accessibility of general business operations and user management, exceeding the infrastructure needs and stringent requirements for the company’s growing online application development and delivery, and disaster recovery.
  • Successfully performed need and capacity assessment and then planned, directed, and executed a company-wide upgrade and redeployment of the company’s entire network using the newest versions of Windows Server, Exchange Server, and SQL Server.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cause Marketing Specialist
2018 – Present

Cause Marketing Specialist
2019 – Present

2019 – Present

Education and Learning

Marketing Management
2019 – 2020

Digital Marketing
2018 – 2019

Certifications: Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss

Diet and Nutrition Coaching
Weight Loss and Fitness
Wight Loss Coaching
Fitness Training
Fitness Training: Gym Workouts and Bodybuilding
HIIT Workouts
Hormone Health and Testosterone
Health and Wellness Coaching
Health and Life Coaching

Project Management Professional (PMP)®
2008 – 2009

LEHIGH VALLEY COLLEGE – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Associate of Arts – Communications, Media, and Technology
1999 -2001

POCONO REAL ESTATE ACADEMY – Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Real Estate License – Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice

Additional Education or Training:
Franklin Covey Leadership
Business Management Seminars
Free Enterprise Seminars
Sales Training Seminars
Leadership Training Seminars
Public Speaking & Business Writing
Stress Management Training
Fire Safety Training
First Aid Training
Technology Expos

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