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GoInfusion Custom Lead Retrieval Management System

This project was to research, consult, architect, design, and develop a custom online lead retrieval questionaire generation and data tracking system.

My role in this project was to research, architect, design, and develop the custom online system that would allow my client to generate custom questionaires to be used by each of their clients at their trade shows. Each questionaire was completely customizable and included the ability to create simple yes/no questions, multiple choice questions, single text answer questions, paragraph or freehand text questions, etc. This system was built to integrate with the standard trade show badge scanners (both magnetic strip and 3D scanners). The questionaires would run on a kiosk touch screen, the user would approach the screen, tap the screen to begin, they would swipe their card and would proceed through the questionaire. The system then logged the users general information from their badge, as well as their responses to all of the questions provided. This information could then be exported and provided to the appropriate company representatives showing the results and input from the questionaires as well as provide follow up information if the users requested it.

Technologies used in this project were: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, WAMP, PhpMyAdmin, Apache, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and device specific hardware configuration and integration for magnetic strip scanners and 3D scanners.

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