Web/Online Services

Cardozo Law Content Management System Templates

This project was to develop all of the new interactive user interface templates for the Cardozo Law School’s new website that was built upon a custom content management system.

Multimedia, Web/Online Services

Aurora Imaging Website

This project was to create a new up-to-date website for Aurora Imaging, while making additional modifications and updates to their current site until the new site was ready for launch. It also included making updates and changes to the Aurora Breast MRI Society website.

Multimedia, Web/Online Services

National Jewish Health Website and Interactive Marquees

This project involved the designing of a new temporary interim landing page design, as well as the final new design for the entire National Jewish Health’s website. It also involved the design and development of several interactive data driven flash marquees, an animated flash branding animation, as well as multiple Email newsletters, and custom landing pages.

Information Technology, Management, Multimedia, Web/Online Services

Carlton Exchange Debt & Equity Investment Marketplace

This project was to architect, design, develop, and program the new “Carlton Exchange”, an innovative online debt and equity marketplace. Along with the development of the exchange, the project also included updates and changes to the Carlton Group company website.

Web/Online Services

Merck CGRPinMigraine Website

This project was to develop the new CGRPInMigraine.com website for Merck. This project included several interactive elements and resources such as flash videos, and an interactive test for users to test their knowledge about CGRP.

Information Technology, Multimedia, Web/Online Services

Panasonic SeeMyPetCam.com Video Sharing Community

This project was to develop and program a brand new custom online social video and photo sharing website for Panasonic’s “PetCam” marketing initiative promoting the use of Panasonic’s webcams to monitor users pets while they were not at home. This site was to be an online community where people could showcase their pets, enter and win contests, etc.

Email Marketing, Web/Online Services

Merck Migraine Website

This project was to develop the new interactive Migraine information website for Merck, as well as several HTML assimilation emails to be used on the site.